Who is jessica hahn dating

Warm, loving and generous in her relationships, Jessica Hahn inspires tremendous devotion and loyalty in her loved ones.

HAHN: I go to them, and they say we need you to watch the kids. And so suddenly, Jim Bakker comes up and says, "Forget about the kids." The bodyguards are outside the door. When you help the shepherd, you help the sheep." And he said, "My wife is having an affair with the choir director, and I need you right now to make me feel like a man." And I was a virgin. The former church secretary at the center of the sex scandal with former PTL leader Jim Baker has been called the woman who brought down PTL. She became that in 1987, when the news broke about a sex scandal involving her and Jim Bakker. But first, tell me -- I know we've been at your house, the crew. It wasn't until August 2012 when we started dating.In March of 2015, we welcomed our daughter Kendall into the world!

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