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Speaking to this week’s Closer magazine, Chanelle said: ‘I don’t think it’s right to have sex with someone when you’re carrying another man’s child, so there won’t be any of that until after the baby arrives – if we’re still together.’ The pair, who have both been housemates of the Big Brother house, were dating throughout the time Jack was in court accused with raping a teenage girl.

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‘He always promises to change but he just can’t commit to anything long-term unless it’s partying.On 6 August 2009, Hayes was rushed to hospital after trying suicide by taking an overdose of paracetamol and red wine."Her whole body was moving because she was fighting to breathe," he said. interview today, I think Jack did very well and admire him for his commitment to Jade in the later part of her life."It is overwhelmingly clear to me we shouldn't have ever entered a relationship when he was still so badly grieving."This fact was never made clear to me and was always denied by him regardless of the support I offered to him."Lately, the toll of this has caused us to come to the decision that him staying with us when he is not yet ready to move on from the love of his life is simply unfair to all involved."Especially towards [her son] Blakely who deserves to have the world revolve around him until he knows better.Jeff Brazier, the father of Jade Goody’s two sons – Bobby and Freddie – has spoken of his shock at the news that the £1million the Reality Star left for her sons could be wiped out by the tax man.This Morning presenter Jeff said he was “totally stunned” and added that he would do his best to keep the boys in the private school their mum had hoped the money would pay for.

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