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Government officials have no power to make a referendum the deciding factor, they must execute the outcome of it, as decided by the people. You can imagine that if they do not enforce a referendum vote, they likely will not be re-elected. You are justifying your racism with the example of a few. The only time a referendum is invalid is when the issue the people voted for is ruled unconstitutional, like the Amendment One vote in NC disallowing same sex marriage in the state that the Supreme Court over ruled. That is the same as saying that all white people are meth head degenerates. It is now used for retail and office space, and is home to the Waterfront Seafood Grill, Janet is a Korean-American woman whose parents worked long hours at their family-owned restaurant while she was raised by her grandmother, whom she adores.She has struggled between loyalty to the traditions of her parents' culture and her own.If New Orleans residents voted on whether to keep or remove Confederate monuments that would be enforced since government put a referendum to the people to decide. The Real World: Seattle is the seventh season of MTV's reality television series The Real World, which focuses on a group of diverse strangers living together for several months in a different city each season, as cameras follow their lives and interpersonal relationships.You are justifying your racism with the example of a few. People that accept responsibility for them selves get along great but those that think that race means lack of trying to be educated are too stupid to know the difference between race and culture. I am establishing liberty and justice for ALL of our citizens. This is what the anti-Federalist new would happen to the Constitution, instead of protecting Freedom it would become a weapon to take freedom. Anti-rebel you are a hater of American who wants to destory it.

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In 1916, a spectacular fire destroyed the upper Pier and roof, and required rebuilding of the dock.Their job begins as a series of promotional duties but eventually leads to producing and hosting a live radio show.The cast lived at Pier 70, a 140,000-square-foot (13,000 m) pier located at 2815 Alaskan Way in Seattle, just north of the intersection of Alaskan Way and Clay Street, on Elliott Bay.The season premiered on June 16, 1998 and consisted of 20 episodes.It is the first of two seasons to be filmed in Seattle.

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