Who is dating yanni

I don’t know, it really has a great place in my heart.

I missed Do Min Joo and Cheon Seong Yi ;'( There's Season 2 of this right?

I can predict what happen next in episode 9-10-11: 1.

Have watched this recently as recommended by a friend and I was not disappointed.

It is doing so well in the first 2 episodes already!

I don’t understand why the alien can’t just send the tumb drive that contain the video of the suspect to the police?

This is by far the first KOREAN drama series Ive ever watch that has NO DULL MOMENTS... Its like I don't sleep at all just to finish all the EPs...

It is a fantasy story so it should have a very happy ending like the legend of the blue sea rather than leave us with a little bit disappointement.

Beautiful people, beautiful clothes, beautiful houses. The story, characters, romance, comedy everything is so perfect in this drama...

obviously it's a good drama, but not that great as they say.

i hope they will be having another set of series or movie..

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