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'No one talked to each other about how critical it was, but we all knew it.' New lives: In the four decades since then, many veterans have embarked on careers, raised families and in many cases counseled a younger generation emerging from two other faraway wars (photo from 1966) The terror of those missions comes back to him at night, along with images of the blood that was everywhere.

The dreams are worst when he spends the most time thinking about Vietnam, like around anniversaries.

Minh, who was on a two-week tour of northern Vietnam with other veterans, said he doesn't harbor resentment to the American soldiers even though much of the country was destroyed and an estimated three million Vietnamese died.

Friday's anniversary is an important day for Marine Corps Capt. Warner who just two weeks before the last troops left was freed from North Vietnamese confinement after nearly 5 1/2 years as a prisoner of war.

'There are so many who will work with veterans and try to help them - so many opportunities that weren't there when we came back.''One of the most difficult things I ever had to do was to sit down with the mother of a friend of mine who didn't come back and try to console her while outside her office there were people protesting the Vietnam War,' Prestanski said.

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They are sending GIs back now maybe five or seven times, and that's way too much for a combat veteran,' he said.

The past 40 years have proven that free enterprise is the key to prosperity, Warner said in an interview on Thursday at a coffee shop near his home in Rohrersville, Md., about 60 miles from Washington.

He said American ideals ultimately prevailed, even if our methods weren't as effective as they could have been. 'We could have won faster if we had been a little more aggressive about pushing our ideas instead of just fighting.'Another story comes from Denis Gray, who witnessed the Vietnam War twice - as an Army captain stationed in Saigon from 1970 to 1971 for a U. military intelligence unit, and again as a reporter at the start of a 40-year career with the Associated Press.

The Vietnam War was the first of many wars Gray witnessed.

As AP's Bangkok bureau chief for more than 30 years, Gray has covered wars in Cambodia, Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia, Rwanda, Kosovo, and 'many, many insurgencies along the way.' Air force: In this March 27, 1973 photo, Viet Cong and North Vietnamese members of the joint military commission, foreground, shoot photos of U. troops as they board an Air Force plane for the flight home from Saigon's Tan Son Nhut Air Base 'The one thing I would tell those coming back today is to seek out other veterans and share their experiences,' he said.

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