Updating the gac

Which is causing failure when loading incorrect image with permissions (even the assembly is the same) into an application domain.

updating the gac-64updating the gac-26updating the gac-76

This configuration will disable the loader optimization of assemblies that provoke the aforementioned behaviour by setting assembly loading into Single Domain mode. (It is not design to work in Single Domain mode) 2) Let’s have look what is Loader Optimization enumeration https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/system.loaderoptimization(v=vs.100)We have setting “Loader Optimization” as 1 which means the “Single Domain” mode. For SCOM 2012/2016 we know the reason that APM component causing this.Related DLLs was; “C:\Program Files\Microsoft Monitoring Agent\Agent\APMDOTNETAgent\V7.1.10184.0\Perf Mon64.dll” Another APM issue: “System Center 2016 Operations Manager APM Agent causing heap corruption in Share Point” https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/3216459/system-center-2016-operations-manager-apm-agent-causing-heap-corruptio I hope this helps for correct actions. ) consist of the Paraguayan army, navy (including naval aviation and marine corps) and air force.Effected products are Share Point 2013 and Share Point 2016.Mostly the cases are open as Crit Sit because of Share Point down.

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