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This License is good for one location, and you can use Blue Note on as many computers as you have.Standard Support is included, and your license never expires. If more users are needed, please contact customer service.To inject a modicum of humanity, Fuelfor recommends throwing up welcome boards that introduce the doctors on duty (complete with portraits, so they aren’t just faceless names) and post information about healthy activities and classes, like yoga for seniors and cooking lessons. It could also figure prominently during medical consultations (just as long as it isn’t, you know, too communal).Communal space Fuelfor says that communal tables can help reduce patients’ anxiety in a waiting room. Think about it: Instead of parking it on an examination table while your doctor dispenses advice that you can’t even pay attention to because you feel so awkward in your ridiculous little gown, you could meet at a big, roomy table — clothes on, dignity intact.

A message is sent by lighting one or more lights by pressing the pushbutton associated with those lights.

Fuelfor proposes a modular seating system, called MODU, that can be adapted to different offices and individuals.

Movable armrests and seating pads with various amounts of cushion let people create their own little comfort zone.

Fuelfor’s solution: feature wait-time displays prominently in multiple places, not just over the central counter.

People who don’t want to hang around the waiting room can download Inline, a conceptual i Phone app that reveals their number in the queue with a clear, simple interface.

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