Updating bios for girls

We like to check if there's firmware updates roughly quarterly, along with the rest of the "patch to current whether we need it or not" OS patches, but have been letting the Dell ESX servers fall out of date.Anybody figured out an easy way to update all the firmwares (BIOS, RAID card, NIC, DRAC, etc.) in a Dell server on ESX, or without any OS support?The Dell nomenclature you're looking for is the "Server Update Utility", or SUU.They're bootable ISO images containing firmware updates. You can get fancier with ESX, since it will allow third-party software, and install Dell Open Manage Agents directly onto the hosts to allow more detailed remote monitoring if it's supported by your servers.

Polaris editor reports that everything is exactly the same.

You can also use Open Manage IT Assistant to monitor your Open Manage hosts en masse.

Open Manage IT Assistant will let you see out-of-date firmware versions on remote hosts, hardware alerts, etc.

In any case, the number of hash you create when mining is a good indicator of how well you do when updating BIOS. O6A While bios I downloaded have this number 113-2E3470U.

Many miner update BIOS and claim they easily got 29-30Mh/s on Ethash. Actually what kind of bios I should use for my system anyway? S5U I have no idea what that number is and it doesn't seem like it's something polaris editor can change.

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