Universal donts of dating

The Dutch deem it an attractive quality if you have a strong opinion – with facts to back it up, while also remaining tolerant and accepting of other’s opinions.

The Dutch are known to be impressed with an individual who has gone out and seen the world.

In Dutch culture, it’s not common practice to flirt at Monday morning on your way to work on the tram or train ; but if the opportunity arises (at any moment) make sure you do it smoothly, tactfully and with some humor.

Also note, in dutch culture direct eye contact is not common between strangers.

Assertiveness and confidence will get you much further when on a date with a Dutch national than playing games.

The Dutch mean what they say, do what they say and can be a touch reserved (Northern European).

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However, there are some unspoken rules when it comes to dating the Dutch and I am going to help you navigate the sometimes-treacherous waters. A lot of Dutch women claim Dutch men are not forth-coming enough (yes, I was surprised to hear this too) and that often, they won’t approach them in a bar or at a party. Sure, that is a universal life tip: practice honesty.Being straight up and to the point is the way to go.Flirting is also something that is not a huge thing in the Netherlands (well at least not in the same way as traditional anglo-saxon or eastern flirting goes).This is most likely because a lot of Dutch people themselves are well-travelled (this is no surprise – they are scattered all over the world).Travel is a much-loved subject to chat about, so when you are on a date with a Dutchie, bring this subject up, it is usually a crowd pleaser.

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