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Yes, it’s pretty sexually charged, but I’m pretty sure people are getting up to way more sexual activities than shakin’ their hips.I think it’s interesting that while twerking has been vilified by concerned authority figures, feminists have joined in with criticism as well.But it is also unfair to assume that any woman who wants to twerk or enjoys twerking is some sad woman who thinks that she needs to be validated by the male gaze. People need to stop hating on twerking because at the end of the day it’s a dance that involves moving your bottom. Newsflash: Some women twerk because they think it’s fun to twerk. Honestly, the only thing that disappoints me about twerking is that there isn’t enough of it set to indie rock (NSFW). But this mass hysteria about the evils and sexual deviancy of twerking is just getting ridiculous. But whether the roots stem in traditional dance or a strip club shouldn’t really matter when it comes to how it is treated.I’ve seen You Tube videos of girls claiming to twerk even though they’re clearly not trying and they think they’re being funny (they’re not). When I see a woman twerk I don’t exactly succumb to giggles, I’m just fascinated, transfixed and vaguely envious. Well I’ve definitely tried and, maybe I don’t have the butt or proper coordination for it, but I definitely failed.

We’re pretty much treating twerking with the same puritanical ridiculousness.

They always deny they're together -- but there's no denying their genitals were together last night.

Khloe and Game had a chaperone -- Kris Jenner was also in the club -- but clearly they couldn't care less.

Khloe Kardashian gave Game an assful last night in Hollywood ...

twerking hard on the rapper in the middle of a packed nightclub.

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