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You can also permanently shred the messages on your gadget.2.

Remove swear words from e Books Have you ever had a perfectly good book ruined by inappropriate language?

Send self-destructing messages Email, text messaging and picture messaging are fast and easy ways to communicate with friends and family, but they're far from secure.

Each one has weak points where hackers, snoops or the government can see what you're sending and receiving.

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They help improve communication and make sense of massive amounts of data.The app automatically detects the corners and automatically shifts perspective, resizes, crops and enhances receipts, documents and more for a perfect scan.Even better, Office Lens has built-in character recognition that can turn text documents right into Word files.Turn your gadget into a hassle-free scanner Digital documents are a lifesaver for students, business people and anyone else.They're easy to create, you can edit them endlessly and sharing is simple.

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