The game while dating

It’s easy to get overwhelmed, and it’s hard to allow yourself to be as vulnerable as the situation (unfortunately) requires you to be.

So I’ve put together a little list of tips and tricks I lived by when I reentered the dating game this year. And because of that, I’m here to say that these “tips” are merely what worked for me, and they might not be right for everybody.

One must be aware it goes on, and stop it quick once they spot it. Breadcrumbing can also occur after a breakup, when one partner doesn’t want the other to find love; or wants a stable of dates “on-call” for intimacy at their whim.

This used to be called a “booty call.” Anyone texting you for attention after 9 p.m., don’t answer; anyone texting you after 11 p.m., block their number.

Be honest and straight-forward with those you date; if you are seeing other people, say so.

If you are dating for the hope to find an exclusive partner, or for marriage or a family, be honest about this.

I’m not the only one who thinks this way, either: I have half a dozen emails in my inbox from readers asking for tips on how to get back into dating after a breakup or a long self-imposed break.

That’s because it can be daunting as hell, especially if you’ve been out of the game for a particularly long time.

I deleted all of my dating apps for the first time ever around this time last year.

Protect yourself and your heart by not becoming intimate early on; move slowly in dating to see if this person could become a potential partner. Your body is a gift; many women think being sexual quickly will win a man; but the opposite is always true.

It’s important that you learn “the rules of success for dating” to ensure that you don’t get hurt and instead, get the love you deserve.

If you are interested in someone, do text them back, but don’t do the opposite – chase, over-text, use sex, or try to control someone into “loving you.” Don’t play games.

If you don’t see future potential with someone simply say, “I think you’re very nice, but I don’t quite think we’re a match;” and move on to date someone else.

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