Synthroid expiration dating

The mainstay of thyroid replacement therapy is levothyroxine (Synthroid, Levothroid, T4), one of the same hormones the human body makes.

It is the form of treatment preferred by most physicians in the U. The dose is very consistent (at least in brand-name medication), which allows close monitoring of blood levels.

Its function is to lower the body's production of cholesterol and to stabilize current cholesterol plaques.

The general name for this class of medication is "statins". Read more The dosage of your cholesterol medication is based on your cholesterol levels. Because grapefruit can cause certain of these medications to increase in concentration, their side-effects may also worsen.

Current treatment of hypothyroidism centers on adjusting the dosage of hormone replacement to maintain a serum TSH in the normal range.

This is finer-tuning than is probably necessary to keep a patient asymptomatic regarding hypo- or hyperthyroidism.

Once a statin is withdrawn, the body's native regulatory mechanisms re-establish the prior ldl-c level.

Before blood tests for thyroid hormone levels were available, diagnosis and treatment were based on monitoring symptoms, a situation which is likely to recur after the end of the world as we know it.

For most patients, 60-120 mg of Armour thyroid daily is an adequate dose.

Thyroid hormone is absorbed better on an empty stomach, and so should be taken before eating, not only to maximize therapy when supplies are limited, but to obtain the most consistent treatment result.

However, whereas subclinical hypothyroidism may not effect health long-term, subclinical hyperthyroidism may deplete calcium from the bones and is associated with a higher likelihood of atrial fibrillation (irregular heart rate).

Patients who claim they have no evidence of hyperthyroidism may simply be unaware of milder symptoms, such as the ability to eat a little more without gaining weight, or a bit higher energy level.

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