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Chronic pain is much more difficult to treat than acute pain and some people choose to live with the chronic pain rather than find treatment.Over 50,000,000 Americans suffer from chronic pain, so you are not alone and you have the same frequently asked questions about chronic pain management as they do.Do not use aspirin if you might be pregnant or are breast feeding.Stop this medication at least one week before any surgery.

Pain specialists use traditional and alternative treatments, medications, injections, exercises, counseling, acupuncture and whatever else is needed to relieve suffering. The pain is usually sharp in quality and is caused by a disease or injury. Chronic pain Chronic means of "long duration" or "frequently recurring.

It acts on inflamed tissues by inhibiting the harmful effects of prostaglandins. "Enteric coated" tablets, or preparations containing acid inhibitors called buffers, may prevent stomach upset.

The usual dose in adults is from 650 milligrams to 1000 milligrams (extra strength) every four to six hours. Do not use this medication with any nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medications including Motrin.

Nonsteriodals may not be used in those with allergies to aspirin or any other nonsteroidal, anyone on anticoagulants, anyone with peptic ulcers, or some who have other stomach conditions.

Do not use these medications if you might be pregnant or are breast feeding.

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