Schmidt erin dating

He is oblivious to Berta's attraction to him and because of his childish nature, he once hired her as a live-in housekeeper, but she quit the "live in" part of the job, staying on as housekeeper due to Alan being allowed to stay due to Walden's friendship with him.

Walden is willing to go for an idea if it involves something he likes such as when he took a restaurant idea from Jake because of the great food deals.

Walden has also formed relationships with Alan, Jake, Berta, who initially had a crush on him, Judith, Herb and everyone else in Malibu.

In season 10 premiere he proposed to Zoey amid fireworks and a Michael Bolton serenade. He made several attempts to woo her back, but they never materialized.Walden wanted to date a girl who wasn't after him for his money.He goes by the name Sam Wilson and befriends an upcoming fashion designer, Kate. After Walden's breakup with Zoey, he was searching for a new woman until he ran into Rose at a bar.They were married and Bridget didn't want him anymore, so Walden tried to win her back, but it didn't work.After that Walden started dating Zoey, Bridget told him to sign the divorce papers, so he did. Walden didn't know what to do, when she wanted to sleep with him, he told her everything, he hoped to be friends but they didn't.

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