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Wedding bells rung for TVB stars Tavia Yeung and Him Law earlier this year when they had a private wedding in England.Almost seven months later, they finally held the traditional ceremony in Hong Kong last weekend. With such an advantage, there is no reason not to let 外界觀點, 是非所理沒.Tavia: I wouldn't use the word envy because I have my way of survival.

The Moment of Signing Was the Most Touching Tavia frankly said that her husband dressing up as a bear was, without a doubt, touching, but the most touching was the moment of signing because, at that time, her mother said while tightly holding onto Him's hands, "From now on, I am handing my daughter over to you. The two were so tired that they also missed their wedding night.When asked whether they felt it was unfortunate to have missed their wedding night, they said, "This is only a ritual!" However, Tavia, who hopes to have three children within two years, said that, the elders have not pressured them to rush to have a baby.In the afternoon, they returned to their Tai Po home.Him continued to tightly hold onto Tavia as they left the hotel.

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