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Sonny's men offer Lorenzo a better paying job, but Lorenzo, preferring a law-abiding life as an MTA bus driver, politely declines.Sonny befriends Calogero and introduces him to his crew.

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"Carmine Caridi got the same punishment as Harvey Weinstein for giving his neighbor a copy of on VHS," Kimmel quipped. Kimmel said the awards presentation is intended to be a night of positivity in which the industry shines a light on "a group of outstanding and inspiring films -- each and every one of which got crushed by Another opening monologue in the #Oscars history books!

One of the cyclists turns out to be Jane's brother, Willie.

Willie mistakes Calogero for one of the assailants and accuses "C" of beating him up when Calogero and Jane meet for their date.

Calogero loses his temper over the accusation and Willie's lack of gratitude, responding by accidentally addressing him with a racial slur, which he instantly regrets. At home, Calogero is confronted by his father who just saw him driving Sonny's car. Shortly thereafter, Calogero is confronted by Sonny and his crew, who found a bomb in Sonny's car and suspected Calogero of planning to assassinate him.

Calogero tearfully proclaims his love for and dedication to Sonny.

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