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Experiences with the college after entry are more important to persistence and departure than what has gone on before entry.When students are unable to become integrated into the college community, they are not likely to persist.If what they see in the classroom is not related to who they are. They want to find a deeper meaning in what is being taught. Rendón, Ph D, is Professor Emerita at the University of Texas San Antonio, and served on the Naropa Board of Trustees from 2003 until 2011.Who have been told “you are not smart enough.” Who haven’t done very well in school, who went to low-income schools with not the very best teachers. While agreeing that student support systems are necessary and beneficial, she believes the real work needs to be done in the classroom. Another thing that faculty need to know about these students has to do with this whole notion that regardless of whether the student grows up in poverty, regardless of whether the student is first in the family to go to college, these students have assets. This is a study that I did with my colleagues at UT–San Antonio, where we identified some of these strengths that these students have. Students will drop out if they are not excited about learning. One of those strengths is that they have aspirations to do better for themselves and for their family. They are likely to be less prepared academically and receive less support from their families in preparing and planning for college.According to Tinto, academic reasons represent only 20-30% of all college leavers nationally.

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Women will continue to outnumber men on college campuses (Gohn & Albin, 2006) 5.

Collecting information from the traditional sciences as well as the new sciences. You get ranked ahead or behind others in regard to your competence in retaining information. As we begin to think about how we bring these two tablets to low-income students and to communities of color that are struggling, I think that two things need to happen at least. They have spirituality and faith—a belief in a higher power and a sense of meaning and purpose.

You stroll with this intelligence in and out of fields of knowledge, getting always more marks on your preserving tablets. One is that we need to better understand these students. They have ethnic consciousness—this whole notion of wanting to give back….

Men of color are constantly stereotyped by professors and classmates and exposed to culturally irrelevant perspectives (Harper, Davis, Mc Guire, Berhanu, 2015) We believe in a student-centered approach that surrounds our students with upperclassmen, graduate level, and faculty, staff and alumni support.

Through an assets-based framework our intentional first year experience fosters community-based learning (Kuh, 2008).

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