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The first, doaj.co, has been made to look just like DOAJ and the second, doaj.net, has been set up to look like a journal.

03 July 2012 Mariam Those stars in the bosom of the sky that died thousands of years ago,they, too, brought through my window countless long-dead skies last night.

Customers can purchase paintings straightforwardly from painters, their sale representatives or painting proprietors.

The gallery provides optional escrow services in transactions, as well as the ones on processing export documents and delivering artworks to the customers.

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DOAJ will experience an extended period of downtime on Wednesday 21st March 2018 while our hosting service, Digital Ocean, installs some important security fixes: On January 4, 2018, multiple vulnerabilities in the design of […] Read More...

At home they create conditions for a good rest, recuperation and relaxation.

Paintings are also suitable for the majority of public places like offices, schools, hotels, cafes and restaurants.

Competently bought and correctly hanged pictures will help to rectify the situation.Having bought and hung a painting on the wall, you change the interior making it more cosy and giving joy to people looking at it.Paintings inspire us to open a new world around us.Painters from everywhere on the planet may build their own painting exposition for free to exhibit and sell artworks.We offer art experts and painting lovers a chance to touch both the masterpieces by avowed professional painters and the artworks by amateur painters.

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