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Unicode has no code points for the accented letters; they are instead produced by suffixing the unaccented letter with ⟩, which is not always distinguished in written Russian, but the umlaut-like sign has no other uses.Stress on this letter is never marked, as it is always stressed except in some loanwords. It has been used since the 16th century except that it was removed in 1708 but reinstated in 1735. It was formerly considered a diacriticized letter, but in the 20th century, it came to be considered a separate letter of the Russian alphabet.Although Russian word stress is often unpredictable and can fall on different syllables in different forms of the same word, the diacritic is used only in dictionaries, children's books, resources for foreign-language learners, the defining entry (in bold) in articles on the Russian Wikipedia, or on minimal pairs distinguished only by stress (for instance, 'lock').Rarely, it is used to specify the stress in uncommon foreign words and in poems with unusual stress used to fit the meter.This page contains a table including the following: Russian phrases, expressions and words in Russian, conversation and idioms, Russian greetings, and survival phrases.It also helps if you simply want to know what to say when chatting in Russian!The letters ⟨⟩ and ⟨ıa⟩ survives in Church Slavonic.

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That is when you whip out your favorite handy dandy Russian learning app, and boy are there some good ones! There is nothing more convenient than having all the learning materials you need on your phone or tablet.

To hear some of the sentence below make sure to check the Russian Video page.

I hope the content of this page was useful to you, and that you learned some Russian phrases, expressions and words.

Make sure to memorize them to be able to use them in your daily conversation.

If you want to practice what you have learnt here, go to Language Test.

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