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And he’s able to do that for two reasons: First off, on the financial side, he’s produced and/or co-written with the likes of Avril Lavigne, Weezer, Pink, Fall Out Boy and Taylor Swift, which pays a lot of bills. It feels good to get outside of my own box.” Secondly, in artistic terms, he’s with a label that gives him a lot of elbow room, Dangerbird Records.

“Jenni (Sperandeo) and those guys over there have been great.

They let me do the creative part, they do the business part and it’s awesome!

” Having ace players on Stay Gold, like keyboardist Roger Manning Jr.

(Jellyfish, Beck, AIR), drummer Mark Stepro (Ben Kweller, Keith Urban, Panic!

At The Disco) and Suzanne Santos (Honey Honey) on backing vocals and violin, adds to the considerable strength of the recordings. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t listen to my records after I do ‘em.

Like I’d done what I needed to do to get it outta my system.

Every song that came after that was almost a nostalgic, celebratory …

” You’ll find that the stories on Stay Gold are very well fleshed out, something Butch credits to “growing up on some of those dudes – Elton John and the (Bernie) Taupin lyrics, Springsteen and Joel. I had a buddy, Matt Marston, who was actually dating my sister back in the early 90s. I gotta give it to that guy, Matt, for helping me figure it out.” That long ago ’eureka moment’ still informs Butch’s writing and the material on Stay Gold is clearly his most articulate to date.Online sales end at 5pm on day of show Butch Walker: musician, rocker, Georgia boy.Composer of dozens of songs that stick in your head; Choruses you want to sing (or shout) along to; Purveyor of authentic stories of exploits and predicaments and romance that are filled with optimism; Architect of albums that have few boundaries, embracing hard rock and ballads, pop rock, Americana and singer-songwriter.He has written and produced albums for such artists as Bowling for Soup, Pink, Lindsay Lohan, Avril Lavigne, Lit, Sevendust, The Donnas, American Hi-Fi, and SR-71. He is also featured in Tommy Lee's new album Tommyland: The Ride in the song "Good Times."In late 2005, he released his first DVD "Live At Budokan."In 2008, Butch released the live double album "Leavin' the Game on Luckie St." for free download on the internet.

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