Pagan dating in southeast michigan

Halin, founded in the 1st century AD at the northern edge of Upper Burma, was the largest and most important city until around the 7th or 8th century when it was superseded by Sri Ksetra (near modern Pyay) at the southern edge.Twice as large as Halin, Sri Ksetra was the largest and most influential Pyu centre.The Bamar people, who came from Nanzhao, set up a garrison town at Bagan at the confluence of the Irrawaddy and Chindwin Rivers.Pyu settlements remained in Upper Burma for the next three centuries but the Pyu gradually were absorbed into the expanding Pagan Kingdom.The city-states—five major walled cities and several smaller towns have been excavated—were all located in the three main irrigated regions of Upper Burma: the Mu River Valley, the Kyaukse plains and Minbu region, around the confluence of the Irrawaddy and Chindwin Rivers.Part of an overland trade route between China and India, the Pyu realm gradually expanded south.“I applaud Congresswoman Dingell for bringing together an effective and dedicated coalition of community leaders who work every day on the front lines to end domestic violence,” said State Representative Kristy Pagan.

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“Our hope is that if we actively increase education, awareness, and community involvement, we can help prevent sexual violence.” Domestic violence impacts people of all ages, races and backgrounds.Nearly two dozen organizations and officials were represented at the meeting, including Mona Makki, Director, ACCESS Community Health and Research Center; Sharon Burnett, Director, Nurse-Family Partnership; Lynette Smith, Nurse Supervisor, Nurse-Family Partnership; Daniel Kelly, Executive Director, Shelter Association of Washtenaw County; Shareia Carter, Director, University of Michigan-Dearborn Women’s Resource Center; Catherine Mc Clary, Board Member, The Women’s Center; Pam Cornell-Allen, Associate Director, Ozone House Youth & Family Services; Jyoti Gupta, Executive Director, Washtenaw Area Council for Children; Heather Colohan, Program Manager of Community Outreach and Systems Advocacy, University of Michigan Sexual Assault Prevention and Awareness Center; Laura De Palma, Gender Equity Organizer, Michigan United; Kathy Wyatt, Executive Analyst/Assistant to the Sheriff, Washtenaw County Sheriff’s Office; Felicia Brabec, Commissioner, Washtenaw County; Michelle Deatrick, Commissioner, Washtenaw County; Ruth Ann Jamnick, Commissioner, Washtenaw County; Mandy Grewal, Supervisor, Pittsfield Charter Township; Brenda Stumbo, Supervisor, Ypsilanti Township; Brenda Mc Kinney, Treasurer, Superior Township. The city-states were founded as part of the southward migration by the Tibeto-Burman-speaking Pyu people, the earliest inhabitants of Burma of whom records are extant.“Together we can learn from each other, combine resources, raise awareness and provide more effective and comprehensive services to survivors of domestic and sexual violence.More awareness will hopefully lead to more offender accountability which will lead to safer homes for survivors in our communities.

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