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Aboriginal oral tradition recounts that a massacre took place here.

It seems that a man and his son escaped the horrors, and their story is told by the descendants of those killed in the ambush.

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Now, in a darker tale, it appears the story of a massacre nearly a century old also appears to have happened in reality, too.

The oral storytelling tradition of the Aboriginal people is without equal.Although imbued with mythological turns of phrase, plenty of what has been passed down for literally hundreds of generations and thousands of years happens to be inspired by true events.Recently, the tale of a 7,000-year-old volcanic eruption was found to be substantiated by geological evidence. Jonathan: This is a kind of thing that started up in the last number of years, and what happens is it there's an organizer and you go to some dates in a two hour period. I'm sure they'll have questions for you, as well, and if for example out of those twenty dates, there are four or five that you would be interested in seeing again, you put a little check next to their name on your check list. Perhaps you're interested finding out what the girls enjoy doing in their free time, their hobbies, what their background is.

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