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Stranger: Yes Y Au: gmail mathrame is a stranger: gmail in the L.

stranger: e Never Hadid, one gmail Y Au: ohk stranger: Following Yahoo!

Ōkadu jhṇṭū college student śtraṅger: Ok śtraṅger: Iṅkokadu Yau: Iṅkokadu baṅgla'ore lo eṅginīr śtraṅger: V8 call śtraṅger: Gmail id ivvu śtraṅger: Online vacih cūpista Yau: Nīku leduga gmail śtraṅger: Undi but vide'o cat ceyaledu Yau: Nā email ivvana?

Śtraṅger: Ivvu śtraṅger: But vait phor me 5mins śtraṅger: Call matladina tarvata cūpista Yau: Ayithe 5 mins tarvtha istha śtraṅger: Abbā disconnect aite ela call aipoye lopu Yau: Avvadu ṭecnical error: Śerver vas unrēcable phor tū loṅg and yaur connecti'on vas lost. :(Ōmegle understands iph yau hate it nau, but ōmegle still loves yau.

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Stranger: Give stranger: but Wyeth four M 5 mins stranger: call matladina After showing the Y Au: ayithe 5 mins tarvtha istha stranger: Ah disconnect ite L. Śtraṅger: Ledu but vaṅginapudu būbs kanipistay kada apudu cūsanu and cetulu paiki lepinappudu naduṁ cūsanu opeṅga Yau: Ok Yau: Iṅkenti viṣeṣalu?

call aipoye lopu Y Au: I will not tecnical error: server single li unrecable four E Longyan and yaur connection single li lost. :( If omegle understands yau hate it now, but still loves yau omegle. Śtraṅger: Hi śtraṅger: Ṁ śtraṅger: U Yau: 20 Ph śtraṅger: 21 Ṁ śtraṅger: Hp kottukuntunna Yau: Eṁ cūsi? Śtraṅger: Mundu balcon'y lo śtraṅger: Tuti'ons ceptundi Yau: Evariki? Śtraṅger: Ceppali śtraṅger: Ninnu cūskuntu evaraina kottukunnapudu cūsava Yau: Cūsa śtraṅger: Evaru Yau: Clas'srūnlo okadu śtraṅger: Ninne cūstu kottukunnada Yau: Avunu śtraṅger: Sperm kārevaraku Yau: Emo telīdu.

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పంత్ లొపల చెయ్యి పెత్తి నన్ను చూస్తు 10 మిన్స్ కొత్తదు శ్త్రంగెర్: ఒహ్హ్ ఒక్ శ్త్రంగెర్: రేల్ చొచ్క్ చూసవ Yఔ: చూస Yఔ: అబ్బయ్లు తొఇలెత్ పొసుకునెతప్పుదు శ్త్రంగెర్: ఒక్ ఒక్..లెచింది చూదలెదెమొ Yఔ: లెదు శ్త్రంగెర్: చూస్తవ Yఔ: ఎల?

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