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Nora Clapp has spoken out about the heartache caused by her daughter Kailee's brutal murder - by someone the teen considered to be a friend.“The truth about what had happened to Kailee was horrific," she said.Nora recalls the night her 14-year-old daughter was killed by Stathis Kirkpatrick, then 20.“Stathis began texting her just after 3am on the night she'd disappeared in January 2011.“He told my daughter he had a belated Christmas present for her, and lured her from her bed.“One of Kailee's last text messages to him was to say she'd meet him at the top of the alley by our house.“There Stathis attacked her, stabbing her cheek and chin.Tech nerds are freaking amazing, but they might not be so into the women's movement on their own.But they have their Sony Playstations, and we have a news show on Hulu. Who knows how many of those guys will press play and experience this on their couches, in their bedrooms?

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The nine women make up an unlikely team of news ninjas, with past jobs in law, academia, and entertainment.

It was the last time she saw her.“Karen said she wasn’t in bed. Kailee’s body had been found in a cemetery 20 miles from her home, she had been mutilated and torched.

And she was so badly injured she had to be identified by her dental records.“Police told me they’d arrested Stathis in connection with Kailee's disappearance,” Nora recalled.“I was so confused.

In her speech, she told her classmates about her little sister.“'She was my best friend.

She'll always be with me.“Now, every year on the anniversary of Kailee's death, we hold a candlelit vigil for her in the park.“Kailee's death has left an empty hole in my heart.

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