Network timing out when updating iphone

and I made it to 700 MB before I got the following error (which I include below since I didn't in my original post)stopped (err = -3259)Show me where I can download the update via a regular browser, then I will gladly hand it off to i Tunes to do the installing and verifying.I had to try 6 more times but I finally got the entire data package.I would like to update my i Phone to i OS 7 so I have attempted to do so for 3 hours now, and at about halfway through the 1 GB download it times out...which returns my downloaded data to zero, so I have to start over.

Anyway, the i Phones -- oh, we love us our i Phones around here, and when I hooked mine up to the computer for a late night backup and a charge, ding! It took a bit of Googling, but here's what I figured out.

I too can't update the phone and it's driving my crazy; I have now tried non-stop for 3 days and the stupid thing keeps having to start over from scratch.

If I knew how, I'd gladdly just use wget -c and get the darned update without i Tunes messing things up.

It eats up resources and slows down Windows startup times, which in case you haven't noticed are now measured in hours.

Whenever I see the little icon on the bottom of the screen telling me that Quick Time is running, I close it right down and cuss out Apple a little, and Microsoft slightly more.

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