Mt etna basalt carbon dating

Now, if you poke a hole in the side of the bucket, if you pour the water into the bucket at the same rate the water is coming out of the hole, you will have reached its equilibrium point, in which the water will not rise any higher in the bucket.

Potassium is estimated to makes up about 2.5% of the earths crust, and about 1/10,000 of it is K-40 which decays to Ar-40, with a half life of 1.3 billion years.

Temperature and nuclide migration causes severe contamination which would prevent measurements for being accurate, as no person would even know the subjects complete conditions from the time of formation until the time of testing.

Wrong and mismatch dates are continually found in every material that is dated.

A committee of the ‘Measure of Geologic Time’ formed by the national research council with Alfred C.

Lane geologic professor as the chair, and began to establish the radio metric dating method.

Using the exact same method of scientific experimentation, we should not succumb to double standards and accept both interpretations until we can determine the method that has fallacies.

New ways for radio testing show evidence that the earth is roughly only 6000 years old.

Thus a rock will have 1/9,600,000 of an average concentration of potassium to argon, that is of course, if it really is 570 million years old.

This is roughly 1/10Millionth the mass of the rock, an extremely minute percentage.

They have confirmed such observations for coal samples and even for a dozen diamonds (that are supposed to be millions or even billions of years old), which cannot be contaminated in situ with any recent carbon-14 deposits.

These constitute very strong evidence that the earth is only thousands, not billions, of years old.

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