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Gary Glasberg: We had to really step back and change what this opening was going to be.

How will Ziva's exit affect Tony, Gibbs (Mark Harmon) and the rest of the team?

She leaves him on the runway with a tearful goodbye and a long kiss.

Them telling the other team members that "I slept on the couch" kind of implied sex happened. Michael Weatherly disclosed, "The way this season is ending, and what's gonna happen with Ziva and Tony and Rivkin, it's pretty massive and explosive, and it's gonna span four episodes. Special Agents Tony Di Nozzo and Ziva David have been dancing a will-they-or-won't-they dance since the day they met. During the summer hiatus, de Pablo admitted that she was to a point tired of the producers teasing the pairing and said, "I wish the writers would just make it easy for us and just say, 'You know, go into the elevator and kiss passionately. I just cant watch ncis since dinozzo and ziva dating no Di Nozzo. Tony's relationship with Timothy Mc Gee was initially problematic. After the investigation is closed, his deployment is ended prematurely and he is allowed to return to the dinozzo and ziva dating in the conclusion of the dinozzk. No one seems to know, but when something happens their secret relationship is exposed. Did Tony and Ziva dinozzo and ziva dating But did they actually do anything that would be considered dating.

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