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She opened her legs and let me stick my tongue into her.She began pumping her cunt into my face,but she never opened her eyes.I don't know how I knew, but I knew when she was cumming.She moaned and then relaxed, I pulled my prick out and forced it between her legs. The piss dribbles to a stop and she daps her cunt with some tissue. - "don't mind me, I need a pee PDQ" - So my hardon is in clear view above the water and her cunt and pubes are there before my eyes.- "Here, this is what that thing needs" Now with her pubes and virgina almost at where I could tongue her she starts to pump my cock with her vice like grip.

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The other night she was sitting on the couch I got a glimps of her pussy hair . I walked over to her and I got a good look at her cunt.

" - I rammed the full length hungrily as deep as I could get it and burst the most fantastic load of sperm I've ever delivered - "Don't dare pull out until you've made me orgasm, go on make me cum before your mother finds out what you're doing to me" - I needed no more prodding or threats, I just pumped at her warm pussy until with a further spurt of spunk she orgasmed rather to loudly for my safety - "SHHH! Your aunts here somewhere and she's looking for you! " - I dashed back to the bathroom realising the bath still had my spunk floating just below the surface of the almost clear water.

Fuck if mum finds us doing it, she'll marmalize me! " - "Its alright mum, I'll be down directly, she's found me and I know what it is she wanted me for... "My aunt grinned at me as she pulled up her drawers having wiped the surplus of my sperm off of her juicy pussy lips. Aunt Ann had certainly fucked my brain to a standstill.

She screamed"No,you can't fuck me I am your mother."My reply was " you can't stop me, I ate your cunt for you." "NO just jerk off like a good boy"she said" I will jerk you off if you want." As she started to get up I pushed her back down saying " I am going to fuck you one way of another." I jumped on top of her and forced my cock to her opening she was still very wet.

I pushed  my cock into her cunt until it hit bottom.

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