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She asked me for money for a visa, which I sent her.Then she replied with an urgent request for money for an airline ticket.

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I hope that you will help me in it I rise at I accept a bath I prepare to have a meal And by to running on work I work as the hairdresser(barber) in a female hall I do(make) any colouring, chemistry of a hair Well and certainly I cut Especially to me to like to select hairdresses to the clients I love when they leave from me happy and beautiful.She required 0 for her visa application because she claimed to be using the services of a firm in Kirov (sound familiar?She promised that she would somehow pay it back to me after she arrived, but never explained how.She changed her email address after her first message from [email protected] [email protected], claiming that her old email account was working badly.Her first message contained someone else's full name (a Westerner), making it appear as though my name and a few sentences had been added to an existing message.

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