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Chances are you won’t have to say anything, as this romantic gesture is enough in and of itself.

Pick her hand up with your other hand and hold it for a moment before letting it go.

Or, she might say nothing at all and just go for the kiss herself.

Your heart may be pounding a mile a minute in your chest, and you may feel sweat start to bead down your pits when you're with her.

If there is sexual energy between you two, you’ll both feel it.

Likewise, if you’re at the movies or watching something at home together, find the right moment to reach over and take her hand into yours.

If she turns you down for a kiss or other gesture, there's no need to feel bad.

Simply talk about it when the time is right, whether now or later.

Even more-so, one of the women drops a lot of little hints that she’s into you (and you are most definitely into her).She may give you a little squeeze, or take a look at you.Just smile and continue watching the movie when this happens.Compared to a few years ago there’s quite a few apps out there for us now.I’ve been trawling through them all and picked out the best for your pleasure.

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