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Talking to friends, everybody loved the concept of Tinder but hated that it was assumed to be for hookups. Mutual is a tool, we just don’t want it to be a tool for tools.So I thought, why don’t we take the same concept and make it for LDS singles? RB: LOLOL CB: Seriously though, I think it mirrors real life pretty well, it’s just a quicker version of it.I used it in LA for a week, and the first thing any guy said was, “Let’s get coffee or a drink!” You have to out yourself immediately and it sort of stops before it can even start. It was hard to meet people who shared my beliefs that weren’t necessarily in my ward. CB: I mean, in the end, I think dating apps are just a tool that can enhance the dating experience.We try to add the name throughout the app too, i.e. Tinder had become the big new thing towards the end of my time in Provo, and I thought it was really fun, but in Arizona it wasn’t really an option if you wanted to date people who were LDS.RB: Oh, Tinder has to be a whole different thing in Provo.That said, I think it’s pretty obvious to people signing up that this is an LDS dating app, so it’s never been an issue.

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We review all of the profiles to try to keep out fake accounts or people who shouldn’t be on there, but we won’t stop someone who isn’t a member of the Mormon church. They don’t believe they can attain the best spot in heaven (the highest degree of heaven) without having a solid marriage, keeping all those rules above (and literally all the other 5,000 Mormon rules that exist), and having their marriage sealed for all eternity in the Mormon temple. Or do anything that isn’t keeping the day holy on Sundays. Anyway, I bet all you single people are super jealous of where I live. More specifically (for the next two months at least), I live in this bubble within the bubble called Utah County. And while there has been a mass-exodus of LDS people (Mormons) leaving the church the last several years, Utah County itself still has a very high Mormon to non-Mormon ratio. But I think it’s an interesting discussion in this crazy and confusing dating world. And you have this stripped-down bubble called Utah. They don’t say “oh my god.” They do not laugh too loud.

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