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Mc Cartney, his wife Linda, the newborn Mary and Linda's child from her first marriage, shy Heather, only 6, had escaped to High Park Farm, far from London and the heavy weather of intra-Beatle feuding. Mc Cartney had bought the run-down farmhouse, set amid 183 acres of rough, windswept Scottish landscape, in June 1966, the year he became a millionaire.

Revving up a generator, he put together an ad hoc four-track recording facility in High Park's rickety lean-to, which he named Rude Studio.

For Mc Cartney, it was an edgy, liberating, sometimes frightening period of his life that has largely been forgotten by those who were not along for the ride.

In the autumn of 1969, the Mc Cartney family was in Argyll, Scotland, "hiding away in the mists," as Paul puts it.

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A new book by longtime Q magazine contributing editor Tom Doyle about that turbulent period in the legendary rock star's life, "Man on the Run," catches him in mid-flight.Paul Mc Cartney on His Not So Silly Love Songs Weeks before the album's April 17 release, Ringo Starr showed up at Mc Cartney's London address with a letter handwritten by Lennon and co-signed by Harrison.The Beatles' "Let It Be" was to be released April 24, and the letter notified Mc Cartney that because of concern over the proximity of these dates, Lennon and Harrison had told EMI to hold the release of "Mc Cartney" until June 4.The Beatles' 50 Biggest Billboard Hits If any word sums up Mc Cartney in the 1970s, it is struggle. He spent the decade struggling to escape the shadow of The Beatles, effectively becoming an outlaw hippie millionaire.It was a time of brilliant, banned and sometimes baffling records.

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