Indian dating and chating

After your done reading this story and are interested in pictures or videos, please email me at [email protected]

So my story all started about 2 years after being married.

So my wife did her hair all sexy and curly and threw on the hotpink outfit. So he came over and we were hanging in the gameroom.

I offered him a couple of drinks and we were just chating and drinking.

So back at home i told me wife that my best friend angel got into a sexaul conversation and her name came up. & And i said well he said that he thinks your sexy and have a nice round ass.

Now my wife is 5’4 b cup chest and a sexy round ass.

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He slid it in and my wife immediately started riding him , bouncing her ass up and down up and down. Then she stopped at a moment and stared at him and started to kiss him passionately.

So luckily for me my wife always let me take sexy pictures of her and she would also send me sexy pictures.

So i teased my wife into maybe sending him one as a tease. So she was shy at first and allowed me to send a picture of her on all fours wearing see thru tights with a white thong(message me for picture).

But before we get into the heavy details let me fill you in about us.

My name is Ethan and Im a 25 year old hispanic male and my wife angelina is a 22 year old hispanic female.

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