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You have already stated that he has been on dating websites (which by the way, why would you need to be on a dating site if you are married?Dating sites are for single people for anyone wondering.) and even a “hook-up” dating site where people go to find others to have sex with!If the search options include email, try searching using your husband’s email.If you find a man who appears to be your husband, try contacting him.Once the browser is open, go to tools and options, typically at the top of the page. A website such as PCs-N-Dreams is a great resource for learning how each browser’s history is checked.

I couldn’t trust him around our daughter because his addiction as calls it, was so bad! ”He has been really distant lately, coming home from work and getting directly in the shower.Your husband could be glued to his computer for hours under the pretense of working while unbeknownst to you he’s actually meeting and dating other women.Some men cheat virtually, while others meet women online and follow through with actual relationships.(See Resources for links)Browse the online dating services found in Step 1 or any of the many dating services such as Match or e Harmony.You can usually browse the selections on these sites without having to sign up for an account.

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