How to spot a player in online dating 3g adul sex

He always says the right things and has all the qualities you are looking for in a man. A player is a guy who is only interested in you for one thing: sex.

But you may have noticed him behaving differently lately. Then, when something better comes along (such as a prettier woman), he's done with you. If he sees you for the first time and is interested in you, he'll immediately get too close and invade your personal space.

If he responds with similar emotions then you have to be careful.

If he does this on every story you tell him, it means he is using empathy to gain your trust which is a sign of a player. Check how many hits the profile has for the whole time.

However, every online dating site will always have its share of players who are only interested in casual sexual relationship without emotional attachment.

If you have just joined an online dating site to find your Mr.

If he guards his cell phone like a pit bull and doesn't let you use it, he's probably a player.If the person is perfect and you feel that it's too good to be true... Players plan their moves carefully so they rarely make mistakes, reluctant to share future real future plans, never talk about their family or friends, and don't need to compromise because he tries to please you in every way.Online dating can be fun and there are many testimonials from people who became successful in finding their soul mate but there are also those who suffered a lot of heartaches and bad experiences.If he leans in close to you right away he is staking out his territory.TIP: A player will bore a hole in you with his eyes while talking, then look away when you respond – a good sign he's not really listening.

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