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The new research estimates the peak catch was 130 million tons, but declined at 1.2 million tons per year afterwards.Prof Daniel Pauly, at the University of British Columbia in Canada and who led the work, said the decline is very strong and "is due to countries having fished too much and having exhausted one fishery after another." Prof Boris Worm, at Dalhousie University in Canada and not involved in the new research said.For twenty-five years, the Mesa Baseline Rotary Foundation and the Mesa West Rotary Club have sponsored a team of audiologists and doctors that conduct a medical mission to help the people of Guaymas, Mexico with their hearing problems.Although the city has approximately 130,000 citizens, there are no ear, nose and throat surgeons, audiologists or hearing aid dispensers in Guaymas. It is located about 450 miles south of Phoenix, Arizona.With several language and currency options available, Busbud seeks to cater to international bus travellers no matter where they are in the world.Busbud partners with safe and reliable bus companies throughout the world such as Greyhound, Megabus, Eurolines, ALSA, i DBUS, National Express and many others so you can buy tickets without a worry."The fact that we catch far more than we thought is, if you like, a more positive thing," he said.

Seafood is the critical source of protein for more than 2.5 billion people, but over-exploitation is cutting the catch by more than 1 million tons a year.

The program does not require that the volunteers pay for their transportation or lodging but donations are welcome.

The Guaymas Rotary Club provides food and entertainment and helps in the arrangement of local transportation and lodging.

All patients are given a medical examination and medicine by our doctors, a hearing test by the audiologists, and, if needed, are fitted with custom-made earmolds and hearing aids.

Those already having hearing aids will have those aids inspected, cleaned and fixed or adjusted as needed.

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