Give yourself to god no dating

Passage after passage throughout in the Old Testament is God pleading for the children of Israel to love and follow him because He wanted to bless them.

Anyone who says God isn’t patient or merciful hasn’t read the Bible. These were his people and He loved them despite their bad behavior.

I want you to see the development of a true love relationship, a godly love relationship in a whole new light.

I want you to see a love relationship that mimics the relationship that God had with Israel, a prophet had with a prostitute, and Jesus has with the church.

You get all doled up and go to this or that event, hoping and praying that Mr. I remember growing up my sister at one time confided to me if she can get just a man to give her children she would be happy because she was getting tired by the day of waiting for love, many have died and lived disappointed but hold on for a while and listen to me as you read through this article.

Do you ever leave feeling disappointed, especially if you go to a Christian singles’ event and there are 50 women for every one man. But I want you to make a shift in your consciousness today.

Though many would argue with me and say that finding love is like chasing the wind and an elusive dream and believe you me I am no expert to love and in love, but the few years I have lived on planet earth have been full of countless and precious and worthy lessons on a lot of topical issues to life.

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It is the sword that cuts the hearts of two former lovers turning them into enemies living under the same roof.

He is a fake and he’ll never love you like a true groom would.

Now you can settle for him just to have somebody and not be alone, but just be clear what you’re doing.

Did you know that God’s relationship with the children of Israel in the Old Testament shows the love that a man is supposed to have for his mate?

Are you aware that over and over and over and over in the Bible that God pursued the children of Israel only to be rejected again and again and again?

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