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In Study 3, exposing women to a visualization of increased mating competition enhanced their trust in gay men; when mating competition was salient, women’s trust in mating information from a gay man was amplified.

Study 4 showed that women who perceived higher levels of mating competition were more open to befriending gay men.

Mc Brearty made his intentions clear as he asked the boy if he wanted to meet so he could perform oral sex on him.

Within an hour the registered sex offender told the child "show me your d**k lol" and sent him an explicit image.

Below are 13 tales, lightly edited for clarity, that we received in the weeks since our previous post went up.Includes such gay categories as Extreme Restraints Every conceivable type of fetish gear.Bondage and chastity devices, huge dildos, lubes, gay and transexual DVDs, penis pumps, urethral sounds, gags, nipple clamps, enema devices, dungeon furniture, cages, medical equipment, hoods and muzzles, fetish books and every kind of whip, paddle and cane.NCBI ROFL: Women’s gaydar improves during ovulation.Do lesbians have better gaydar than straight women?

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