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INTRODUCTIONIf you are a woman who is reading this guide you may be doing it for several reasons.

Perhaps you enjoy the subject matter; if so I hope you have a pleasant read.

By the time you get to see what he’s got, you are probably already committed in some way. The AVERAGE length for a white male when flaccid is six inches (15cm), going up to eight inches (20cm) for Italian or black men.

With luck, your partner is well above this size and there is no issue. Measure his penis when it is soft with a tape measure.

There’s nothing wrong with fiction, nothing wrong with wonderful flights of fancy that take us to worlds we might never discover and enjoy otherwise. Of course that doesn’t mean we can’t play, that we can’t explore and stretch our limits.

Even though our submissive male may be quite willing to don apron and heels or lick a pair of stilettos he desperately needs a Dominant Female reigning over him to make the scenario complete. Naturally that’s a heavy load for the Female to bear.

Granted, a couple can play at Mistress/slave for a night or a weekend, but to develop that into a lifestyle dynamic takes work and commitment.

Before we get started on chastity, let’s address the elephant in the room. The problem with penises is that you don’t see what you are getting until it is too late.

Everything in the sissy maid’s life revolves around the font of Feminine Power and Authority.

Like much in the alternative lifestyle the Dominant Female goes against the typical female societal archetype (such notables as Boudicca, Joan of Arc, Cleopatra, Catherine the Great, and other such female luminaries excepted).

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