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Around 300 Canadian protestors marched through Montreal's streets in the latest protest, which is aimed at a 1,778 Canadian dollars (£1,113) per year increase in student fees, as well as a controversial new law that requires protestors to give police eight hours warning before demonstrations.

One offered cash to anyone who could snag a photo of her completely naked.

She laments what she calls "a 'sticks and stones' attitude, where this is Facebook and people just post whatever they want.""These myths need to be dispelled, be it with police, educators or anyone else."There are other challenges in investigating online cases, said Eltis, because tracing online activity to a particular computer doesn't necessarily indicate who is doing the posting.

Victims might have more luck suing the person responsible for putting up the photos or videos, if they know who it is.

A 2014 law gives police additional power to investigate cyber intimidation cases.

The law makes it an offence to share nude or sexually explicit images without the subject's consent. However, police still face challenges investigating online cases, says privacy law expert Karen Eltis.

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