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PVSRIPO is a genetically recombinant, non-pathogenic poliovirus:rhinovirus chimera with a tumor-specific conditional replication phenotype.It consists of the genome of the live attenuated poliovirus serotype 1 (SABIN) vaccine (PV1S) with its cognate internal ribosomal entry site (IRES) element replaced with that of human rhinovirus type 2 (HRV2).The virus injection procedure will be completed within 6.5 hrs.The catheter will be removed following the post-PVSRIPO infusion MRI.Patients will be infused through a Medfusion 3500 or 3010 infusion pump pre-programmed to a delivery rate of 0.5 ml/hr.The total amount of the inoculum delivered to the patient will be 3 ml.PVSRIPO will be delivered in a single infusion directly into the tumor via catheter placed at the time of biopsy.

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Catheter Implantation: PVSRIPO will be delivered directly into the tumor.Immediately following the stereotactically-guided tumor biopsy, a catheter will be implanted in the operating room (OR) at a site the same or different from that used for the biopsy using sterile techniques.A CT may be used to confirm catheter placement post-operatively.In addition to the PVSRIPO retreat infusion, the patients will also receive a single dose of lomustine at approximately 8 weeks post-infusion of PVSRIPO.All procedures previously described will be followed; however, the addition of the single dose of lomustine will alter the schedule of events that was previously described.

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