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We take the security of personal data very strongly, unlike some other forums and social networks, so if you decide to leave us, we don't hang on to your personal details and we will never EVER sell your details for marketing purposes, that's a promise! We are more than happy to help researchers and students but only if they ask nicely first.

We do encourage forum sponsorship and our members have benefited from several major company sponsors over the years. Please use our Contact Us form and tell us about your research, we may already have a topic in progress and we are willing to include links to surveys etc. Fancy an interesting discussion about a book you have read?

We also have regular prize winning competitions and lots of members who are happy to help with all manner of problems in and around the home, you can post a question and it will usually be answered very quickly.

Fifty Plus Forum is a private forum for the over Fifties.

Some people are happy to stay that way, but if that doesn't include you then read on!

Through the power of the Internet and with the resources of 50-Plus Dating, now it couldn't be any easier to find that special person to fill the gap that you have in your life.50-Plus Dating is here for you and many thousands of others who are just like you.

We have birds, animals and wild life, sunrises and sunsets, a range of 'whimsy' picture threads with colours as their themes (these give you a chance of exercising those little grey cells) and a 'watery selection' of rivers, fountains etc, So - come on in - and bring your camera with you!We welcome Guests to the forum but all you can see is this page, the articles and the topics some of our members have chosen to place on our public front page area, the rest of the forum is for members only, you can join us just to read if you like, there is no obligation to post anything aside from replying to your welcome topic and posting at least once a year to maintain your account, though we would prefer it if you joined in the fun. How about joining our recently formed, but now well established Book Club? We've have had some interesting discussions about our chosen novels and the characters and plots and settings.We are light hearted in our approach and enjoy discovering other posters' reactions and thoughts. Then come right along in, we have dozens of threads covering a wide range of subjects.Quite a few members are now very adept at "Shopping" otherwise known as manipulating their photos using Adobe Photoshop and other image/photo editing software. Nowadays people find themselves in their middle years and alone for all kinds of reasons.

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