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Of course, having Wi-Fi calling, advertised or not, is a big leg up that T-Mobile has over other carriers.When you set up a Wi-Fi calling-enabled device, the phone will inform you of the functionality and ask you if you'd like to use it.UMA stands for "Unlicensed Mobile Access," and describes any method of taking a voice or data connection and sending it over an "unlicensed" internet connection (anything that's not the carrier's own network) straight into the carrier's nerve center, where it's switched into the regular phone network.Security is maintained due to the unique SIM in each GSM phone.

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The day a carrier offers me an LTE femtocell is the day I weep for a cellular radiation-riddled humanity.

It turns out, the first step is admitting you have a problem.

"To implement UMA may take a certain level of humility," says Sascha Segan, Lead Analyst at PC Mag.

Unless, of course, you use T-Mobile's Wi-Fi calling service.

Fun fact: T-Mobile has a service called "Wi-Fi calling." Have you ever heard of it? Wi-Fi calling was originally launched as "Hot Spot @ Home" in 2007 by T-Mobile as a bid to compete with the landline.

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