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You could also wait till the black dries and pipe it on with white icing, or just leave it off all together. It’s hard not to have fun making a cookie that’s smiling back at you…with those nerdy big eyes!

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Using a small round tip (I used Wilton #5), pipe out the frame of your glasses by tracing over the template. (this helps keep the black from bleeding) You may want to pipe out more then you actually need, so you can have extras in case of breakage or misshapen glasses.

Then using your Black 20 second icing and a small round tip, pipe on some black dots for eyes and a little smile.

I dropped a little white sprinkle on each eye to create a “gleam”.

We’ve been blessed with such great leaders in our kiddo’s life this year.

Not only are they so fantastic with the kiddos, they don’t mind enjoying all our extra treats!

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