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The corridors of purgatory were lined with thousands of doors but the one with the red door was the only one that mattered. Besides, he smirked as he lightly palmed the object at his side, he has some thing the others didn't have. The Spinner remembers the day the man burst in through his door.According to his research, several people throughout history have successfully undertaken the journey to change their destiny. Tall and striking, his dark gaze flickered to the hunched man at the opposite side.When he was alone, Sasuke would practice the technique he learned to induce a near-death state.Breathing in deep, his mind shut down piece by piece, heartbeat slowing down.A small knot of two strings tied within a larger knot with a third was a conflicted love.A tight knot of two strings was the rarest one of all—it symbolized eternal and perfect love.The thread of fate is as thin as spider's silk and colored red with blood. After all, he was the original author of their lives.

Naruto's scared that when you're away in Kyoto studying, you're going to realize that he's not as amazing as you think he is."She froze. "I'm going to miss you the most," she murmured into his neck. Finally, he gathered enough information to attempt the trip.They failed to notice a frowning Naruto standing a few feet away."Hey guys! But God when they fought, Sasuke felt a cold chill run down his spine. He loved his two best friends but Sasuke wished more than anything in the world they didn't love each other beyond the boundaries of best friends. Naruto and Sakura were too much alike: needy, affectionate, loud, selfless... No, Sakura needs someone to balance her brightness out, someone to ground her enthusiastic optimism.It was after another one of their fights—this time, in a semi-public setting—that Sasuke had Sakura sitting comfortably on his lap with her head buried into his shoulder.Detaching himself from his physical shell, Sasuke let himself be pulled away.He had never gotten this far before someone shook him awake.

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