Dating violence info

For nearly two decades, he ran a business as a state-certified domestic violence therapist.

He has been working with Domestic Violence Services full-time since May 2017.

DVS offers schools a free program called “Coaching Boys Into Men,” which can be adapted to be gender-neutral, Todd said. It consists of 15-minute weekly sessions planned throughout a sports season.

Todd also meets with smaller groups of young people every week at Cascade High School and at the Denney Juvenile Justice Center.

He learned that people he loved — family members and friends — have been victims of sexual misconduct.

“When you hear that stuff, you just don’t know what to do,” he said. Since then, Polk has invited all Everett’s athletic trainers to participate in “Coaching Boys Into Men” with their teams.

They also witness first-hand the problems that come up in young lives.

Todd is a former police officer and community corrections officer who has earned a related doctoral degree.

On Monday night at Cascade High School, Todd and Polk gathered coaches from throughout the district to discuss dating violence and prevention. Coaches are not counselors, but they are positive role models with influence over students, Polk said.

Two reports based on this research have been developed by Dr Jesse Cale and Associate Professor Jan Breckenridge from the Gendered Violence Research Network at UNSW.

The first of these reports details our findings broken down by Gender and Age.

They help teenagers “figure out how to act,” he said.

Many consider character-building a part of their jobs.

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