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This came from Atra, a Koldasian who spoke English very well...

He said,"Valdar has asked me to contact you and tell you of the destruction of the red Planet, Mars.

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Valdar kept his word and on June 4th, 1975, we received a radio transmission, but not by Zyloo.

After Edwin was put into a receiving condition, instead of hearing Valdar or one of the others, we heard, to our astonishment, words in a strange language After a few minutes, we heard Eeso say, "Speaking.. Then 'Q'constant struggle for power with war and bloodshed taking place in many areas of this jewel of a planet... For the students it has been a most valuable experience...

I gave them a lecture about Earthmen, and I told them of Edwin and all of you at 'Q' Base.

What had been the surface was left to the elements and the harsh atmospheric conditions which changed the face of Mars to that which man on earth sees today. We are unable to accelerate beyond your planet because of magnetic turbulence. We will be shortly doomed."They have also a telephone. We have only just sufficient solar energy left to remain in a stable position with this craft for one and a half Earth days. All this is due to the magnetic disturbance."We came from Cialdar and are heading for Kopone, and the magnetic field goes through your solar system. Only the craft at these 'A' Bases can recharge the solar energy cells."message of the stricken craft to "A" Base about half an hour after we finished our thought-communication with Eeso.

The devastating dust-storms which now rage there have long since erased all traces of the ancient Martian civilizations. At this moment we are stranded in this orbit 27,000 kilometers above Earth. The person answering my telephone call gave his name as Gerry.

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