Dating softball player

It definitely makes it harder to see each other, but we work it out, even if we have to see each other at weird hours of the day.” Being a full-ride scholarship player, he can’t skip a day; he has that obligation and commitment to be present and work hard every day of the week.In order to stay on top of her own life, Jordan said it’s a balance she’s learning how to do better every day.Despite the “football player stereotype”, she believes that football players hold something truly unique.They give up their time, bodies, and energy for the sake of others- their teammates, community, etc.) – whether it’s experimenting with a new dessert recipe or packing up a cooler of snacks and going to a drive-in movie. In the past, they’ve gone on several spontaneous road-trips, including one to Nashville.Matt also knows how to play guitar and is in the process of teaching some chords to Jordan.

She said, “It can be a challenge, but it’s a special thing because when you have a guy that really shows his appreciation the way he does, you want to do that for him.” That support carries over into game days, too.

"Often times, they are extremely disciplined, committed, goal oriented, hard working, selfless young men with incredible leadership qualities that very few 20-something-year-old guys possess these days.

You really grow to care about not only him but also his friends when you see all the work they put in daily.” When they first started dating, she was amazed that to the players, “sleeping in” meant waking up at a.m.

“He’s really the jack of all trades in my opinion”, she said.

Jordan said the one word that describes her relationship is “dynamic.” As much as it is football focused, Jordan said they’re all about the big picture, too. There’s so much variety and I think it creates a great balance.

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