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And from my conversations with all of these kinky people I have met, I have heard so many stories just like mine.

Of years or even decades from teenage years through adulthood, when these kinksters were figuring out their own identity and sexuality.

It is not just women who need to keep an eye on the biological clock when it comes to having children.

Older men are up to five times more likely to father children with birth defects, according to some studies.

In each case, we met and felt a strong chemistry and a deep attraction.

The risk of having a child with a cleft lip doubles for a man aged over 50.And yet in each case, kink was a divide between us.And ultimately, the reason that the relationships could not last.All of these people had similar stories of ex-boyfriends, ex-girlfriends, ex-husbands, ex-wives, who they had tried to introduce to kink.Trying to get their man to dominate them, or get their girlfriend to tie them up. When you love someone and love being with them, but know deep down that there is an important part of yourself that your partner just doesn’t understand, and never will. Made me wonder if I can push it aside, forget about it, grow out of it, bury it. And now of course I know that is ludicrous – in the same category as trying to “pray away the gay” – it’s just not possible.

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